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How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Senior Veterans and Their Survivors

How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Senior Veterans and
Their Survivors

$79.00 (2015 Edition)

414 pages & Data Disc | View the Table of Contents


This new book (a 2014 edition) is a welcome and needed resource for veterans, their families, and for those who assist veterans.

It provides information and detailed instructions on how to submit claims for 25 different types VA benefits and uses the successful "Fully Developed Claim Process" for faster decisions.

This book details:

  • Pension with Aid and Attendance,
  • Disability Compensation, SMC and DIC with Aid and Attendance or Housebound Allowances,
  • Disability Compensation and DIC,
  • Enrolling in Veterans Health Care,
  • Applying for a State Veterans Home or Burial Benefits

Claim Support Data Disc Included!

Disc - 240 VA forms, examination worksheets, medical questionnaires and detailed checklists with instructions for each type of claim.

This publication addresses benefits that are generally applicable to senior veterans and their survivors to include:

  • Hundreds of pages of instruction, references and citations to provide the proper background and understanding for veterans benefits for seniors
  • Application for Pension – a non-service-connected disability benefit commonly known as “aid and attendance”
  • Application for Disability Compensation and SMC – service-connected disability benefits for veterans who incurred injuries or illnesses while in the service
  • Application for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) – a death benefit for survivors of veterans who died on active duty or as a result of service-connected disability or as a result of improper treatment from VA healthcare or rehabilitation services.
  • Undiscovered and generally little-known additional money from aid and attendance and housebound allowances for DIC, Compensation and certain SMC benefits
  • Application for state veterans benefits including state veterans nursing homes
  • Application for veterans health care
  • Application for burial benefits
  • Instructions on appealing an unfavorable decision for benefits from VA
  • Lists of state VA regional offices and state veterans nursing homes
  • Additional information on Individual Unemployability, PTSD and Agent Orange
  • Claim Support Data Disk – included with the book – contains hundreds of forms, medical examination worksheets and medical questionnaires for all types of applications with instructions for their use
  • Step-by-step checklists for each claim to include 30 different types of claims